World's First Air Conditioned High-End Case Combo


(Taipei, March 15th, 2005) Sytrin has
launched the World's First Air Conditioned High-End Case Combo -
Nextherm ICS 8200.
The Nextherm ICS 8200 incorporates the
revolutionary Air-Conditioning
Cooling System
for high-
performance PC systems, and is
purpose-built to increase the system's
life-span and allow demanding users
to get the most out of their processors.
Available from end May, Nextherm
ICS 8200
can be obtained from Sytrin
and its authorized resellers.


With years of thermal technical experience behind it, Nextherm ICS 8200 has been
designed to actively reduce the temperature that the entire system operates at.
Accompanying the increase in speed and the decrease in size of electronic components
is the significant power density increase that must not be neglected. This leads to power
dissipation issues, which can have a significant impact on chip or component life span
and even the system stability if not handled properly.

In response to the increasingly critical thermal issues, the innovative cooling technology,
PC Air-Conditioning Cooling has been incorporated into Sytrin’s Intelligent
Chassis System, resulting in Nextherm ICS 8200.

PC Air-Conditioning Cooling is a global solution to provide extra cooling to all the
components inside the system. It is considered as System Level cooling, where the cooling
effect is throughout the case, not targeted at specific chips or components.

Most conventional Component Level thermal solutions cool the targeted chips or
components by using the air within the case and then release the now hotter air within the
case. The waste heat built-up within the case causes the system temperature to rise and
thus puts a heavy burden on the exhaust fan. The PC Air-Conditioning Cooling
resolves the thermal issue in a different way. It delivers chilled air into the case,
thus causing the chips and components within to be immersed in a cooler environment.
Under such circumstance the temperature of all chips and components is lowered and the
workload for the exhaust fan is reduced.

Ching H, spokesman of Sytrin notes: "Nextherm PC Air-Conditioning Cooling is
designed to work along with the existing heatsinks, thermal modules and coolers within
the case to provide overall thermal relief for the entire PC system. The PC Air-
Conditioning Cooling System
does not replace the current Component Level thermal
solutions for now, but it will become a vital part of a total cooling solution. With the
considerable amounts of heat generated by internal components, better cooling support
on the system level will not only benefit the system, but also help the Component Level

In the Nextherm ICS 8200, the latest version of the PC Air-Conditioning Cooling is
equipped with the cooling power of 120W. In the meantime, a perforated front panel is
especially designed to allow sufficient airflow, ensuring a constant supply of air to the
PC Air-Conditioning Cooling System

Beyond the excellent cooling characteristics, Nextherm ICS 8200 has many features
that offer users increased convenience — such as having the USB and IEEE 1394
(FireWire) ports, and audio jacks located behind a protective cover on the top of the
case, and the retractable foot stand. An integrated LCD display keeps real-time track of
the ambient temperature, the temperature inside the system, and the amount of power
being consumed. Power to the system is supplied by a powerful 460 W power supply —
more than capable of driving today's high-performance systems.

Users, like PC enthusiasts and gamers, will appreciate the classy, contemporary
appearance of Nextherm ICS 8200, while the tool-less design makes changing
components a cinch.

Nextherm ICS 8200 is the advanced integration of a high-end PC case with the
innovative Air-Conditioning Cooling unit (total cooling power of 120W), a
powerful power supply, and an informative control panel.

Nextherm ICS 8200, An Intelligent System Giant ! Your Powerful &
Reliable Partner!

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