World's First Air Conditioned High-End Case Combo
Advanced PC Air Conditioner - Cooling Power 120 watts
Compact perforated air-inlet design to maximum
 Cooling performance
High-End Server Level Power Supply
 - Real 460W ATX-12V 2.0 & EPS12V; Dual +12V;
 Efficiency > 78%; Smart Thermal Control Design,
 Multi-Protect Functions
Multi-functional LCD plus meter display panel for
 Real-time temperature & power consumption monitoring
Tool-less design for easy assembly
HDD adapter tray for 5.25" bay trans to 3.5" bay
Easy access dual USB2.0, IEEE1394 (Firewire),
 audio & speaker ports
Retractable foot stand
Classy & contemporary appearance

Front View
Side Veiw
Back View

Advanced PC Air Conditioner

The advanced "PC Air Conditioner", System Level cooling, globally provide extra cooling power - 120 Watts into the chassis

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Perforated Ventilation Design

The compact perforated ventilation design to maximum the cooling performance


High Efficient Server Level Power Supply

High-End Server Level Power Supply built-in - Real 460W Dual +12V, ATX-12V V2.0 & EPS 12V, Efficiency > 78%, Smart Thermal Control Design, Multi-Proect Functions, Efficient connectors& cable managment to support high-performance systems

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Multi-Functional LCD plus Meter Display Panel

Multi-Functional LCD plus Meter Display Panel for Real-time Temperature & Power Consumption Monitoring

Front Top I/O Access USB2.0 / IEEE1394 / Audio & Speaker
Screw-Less Sliding
Rail Design for 5.25" Devices Installationt
Screw-Free Design
for PCI Card / AGP Slot
HDD adapter tray for 5.25" bay trans to 3.5" bay


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